Posted by: Administrator | September 23, 2010

SCOSIT Meeting: How it went down

Alice on stage

Alice challenges other ladies to participate more in tech issues

The meeting started off with a welcome note from Kirui the current SCOSIT chairman. He welcomed all the members to the new semester and urged them to help the society reach new heights. This, he said could be achieved by members participating in the society’s activities such as talks and presentations.

The first thing on agenda was a recap of gKenya held on 6th of September this year. Kirui pointed out the following among other things

  • The need to start to develop applications for Android phones. The Android market place is now open in Kenya
  • Use of social media and web 2.0 to market ourselves- He encouraged the members to join social networks especially Twitter

Next we had a presentation by Kenneth Mwangi on CollegeFeed. CollegeFeed is a web based application that enables students get live feeds on events instead of having to check notice boards. The application incorporates Google Earth API, Twitter and Live Feeds. When an event is posted, it is immediately reflected on your profile and using Google Earth API you are shown the location of the event. For those with Twitter accounts, you are able to see your tweets without having to log in to your Twitter account.

As agreed before, in every meeting we usually have enlightening sessions. Basically what this means is that anybody from the audience is given 2 minutes to share some thought with the audience. We had the following ideas

  • An application to determine the best routes in order to avoid traffic jams (think of using GPS as satellite is expensive to use).
  • An application to locate all the resources in a lab such that one is able to download them without having to do a lot of searching.
  • A way to encourage ladies to participate more in ICT. It has been noted that it is usually only gentleman who do presentations, win competitions e.t.c. The society was challenged to come up with a competition only for ladies. Anybody out there willing to partner with us?
  • A challenge to develop a web based system that lectures will be able to post lecture notes and all other resources at the beginning of the semester so that all students can access it. This concept is used at Strathmore and it is very efficient.
A section of the members present at the meeting

A section of the members present at the meeting

The meeting was a success; we had members contributing to the discussions on the floor and the people with ideas being advised on how they can better their ideas.  We also had two students, one from telecommunications engineering and another from civil engineering attending the meeting. We hope in future to have more students from other disciplines attending our meetings so that we can get to grow together

That marked the end of our meeting. We would like to thank the members who came and encourage those who didn’t to do so on Tuesday the 28th of September to be held at 7:30pm, Hall 7 room 19.


  1. it was very nice. lets meet next week on

  2. next meeting is on Teusday 28th at 7.30pnm. Venue is Hall 7 Room 19. We hope to have sessions like the last one. Good presentation!

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