Posted by: Administrator | September 23, 2010

Seven Seas talk:how it went down

Seven Seas

Beth gives a talk on what Seven Seas Technologies do

On Thursday 23rd of September a group of employees from Seven Seas Technology were here in JKUAT to talk to group of students about to complete their studies in the field of computing. The group was lead by Beth Macharia. Her colleagues were Bancy Gakuru and Gilbert Arum (I am not sure about the correctness of the names so I am to be forgiven if I make a mistake).

Beth talked extensively about what their company does but I was not able to get everything. Seven Seas basically has several divisions namely;

  • Enterprise networks
  • Data center and application infrastructure
  • Business application
  • Knowledge transfer center – this is where we come in as students
  • Service provider division
  • Intelligent real estate services
  • Data centers
  • Service management services
  • Call and support services

The reason as to why they came to the university was because of their knowledge transfer center. Bancy took the audience through their initiative to achieve this known as “Knowledge 4 Life”. It has been that there is a big gap between what is taught in university class rooms and what is being applied in real world. This can be attributed to the rapid changes in the field of technology. Knowledge 4 Life aims to

  • Offer free training to students
  • Do this in partnership with several stakeholders
  • In offering this training bridge the gap between what students learn in class and what is applied in the real world (a company has to train a graduate for approx 18 months before productivity is actually seen)

The audience asked several questions on how the initiative works and they were answered satisfactorily. The following were highlighted

  • There is a vacancy for only 60 students at a time.
  • The lessons will be on Saturdays for 8 hours each day.
  • To qualify for the training, you have to do an aptitude test
  • Dates when this will be done will be given.

The same program was undertaken in UoN and was a success. We urge all our members in 3rd or 4th year of study to try this out. We will keep you on the dates and all other details.


  1. Wat a nice talk bt wen is the aptitude test?

  2. we don’t know yet but we will post it on the blog as soon as we know so watch this space.

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