Posted by: Administrator | October 27, 2010


  1. This is the final list of 60 to begin training.
  2. Those listed are requested to give full contact details to their class reps (inclusive of emails) or send them to scosit.icsit(a) by Friday 29th October 2010.
  3. The Seven Seas Technologies team will give another talk to the students listed above on the first week of November. Date, time and venue, will be communicated later.
  4. The full list of those who participated will be available as from Thursday 28th October 2010.

The list of those who qualified is as follows:

Computer Technology – 3rd Year

1 Kirui K. Kennedy CS282-0208/2007 A:8 B:9 C:5 D:3 E:6 Total 31
2 Mike Njuguna CS2082-2727/2007 A:6 B:10 C:5 D:4 E:7 Total 33
4 Gitari Edwin Mugo CS282-2730/2007 A:6 B:7 C:5 D:5 E:7 Total:30
5 Egesa M. Phemina CS282-0202/2007 A:10 B:8 C:3 D:5 E:4 Total:30
6 Peter Kiarie Ngurari CS282-1081/2006 A:6 B:9 C:4 D:4 E:8 Total:31
7 Ng’ang’a G. Beth CS282-2756/2007 A:8 B:8 C:3 D:2 E:8 Total:29
9 Maurice Kibuchi M. CS282-0209/2007 A:5 B:6 C:4 D:5 E:9 Total:29
7 Njui Josphat CS282-0217/2007 A:5 B:8 C:5 D5 E:6 Total 29
8 Kimani Charles CS282-3117/2007 A:7 B:8 C:4 D:5 E:8 Total 32
32 Omondi E. Ochieng CS282-0219/2007 A:6 B:8 C:5 D:4 E:5 Total 28

Computer Science- Third Year

Senteu Ole Nchoe CS281-0192/2007 A:8 B:9 C:4 D:5 E:9 Total 37
Tegisi Raymond Kemonde CS281-0198/2007 A:9 B:8 C:5 D:3 E:8 Total 33
Amos Wachanga CS281-0200/2007 A:8 B:7 C:5 D:5 E:7 Total 32
Fred Kithinzi CS281-0179/2007 A:8 B:7 C:4 D:5 E:8 Total: 31
Mercy Mugii Deche CS281-0171/2007 A:9 B:9 C:4 D:5 E:7 Total 34
Gichuhi Waweru CS281-2792/2007 A:7 B:8 C:5 D:4 E:8 Total: 32
Lucas M Kithui CS281-0180/2007 A:7 B:6 C:5 D:5 E:7 Total:30
Cecilia Muiga Wangeci CS281-1283/2006 A:8 B:10 C:4 D:5 E:8 otal:35
Kiratu Gideon Ngihiu CS281-0178/2007 A:6 B:9 C:5 D:4 E:8 Total:32
Njoroge Wamiti CS281-1046/2006 A:8 B:8 C:5 D:4 E:9 Total:34

Computer Science 4th Year

1 Ngugi N Benjamin CS281-0230/06 A:10 B:9 C:4 D:5 E:7 Total: 35
2 Monchari Masekake CS281-1044/06 A:7 B:8 C:4 D:3 E:8 Total: 31
3 Nyongesa Nabie CS281-0233/06 A:10 B:9 C:5 D:5 E:5 Total 34
4 Mose Emily CS281-0222/06 A:7 B:9 C:5 D:5 E:7 Total 33
5 Kiarie Simon CS281-0218/06 A:8  B:8 C:4 D:4 E:8  Total:32
6 Mwema Kerich CS281-0216/06 A:9 B:7 C:5 D:4 E:9 Total: 34
7 Ngugi N Benjamin CS281-0230/06 A:10 B:9 C:4 D:5 E:7 Total: 35
8 Ndegwa Justus CS281-0223/06 A:8 B:9 C:5 D:5 E:6 Total:33
9 Kiarie Simon CS281-0218/06 A:8  B:8 C:4 D:4 E:8  Total:32
10 Kahungura Rahab CS281-0214/06 A:9 B:8 C:5 D:4 E:6 Total:32
11 Gichure Peter CS281-0212/06 A:8 B:7 C:4 D:4 E:8 Total:32
12 Bernard K. Sangi CS281-0256/06 A:9  B:7 C:5 D5 E:9  Total:35
13 David Mbugua CS281-0220/06 A:7 B:7 C:4 D:13 Total:31
14 Otwori Obure CS281-0239/06 A:6 B:6 C:4 D:4 E:9 Total:29
15 Mwangi Caroline CS281-0226/06 A:9 B:5 C:4 D:5 E:6 Total:29

Computer Technology  – 4th Year

16 Brian Kiprono CS282-0246/2006 A:8 B:6 C:4 D:4 E:11 Total: 33
17 Elizabeth Mugo CS282-1072/2006 A: 8 B:8 C:4 D:5 E:6 Total: 30
18 James Mbaria CS282-0260/2006 A:9 B:7 C:5 D:4 E:7 Total 32
19 Churchill King’ori CS282-1089/2006 A:9 B:7 C:4 D:2 E:9 Total: 31
20 Samuel Wahome CS282-0258/2006 A:9 B:10 C:5 D:4 E:9 Total: 37
21 Mudome Joy CS282-0249/2006 A:8 B:6 C:5 D:3 E9 Total 31
22 Ngacha  N. Macharia CS282-0889/2005 A:6 B:7 C:5 D:4 E:8 Total 30
23 Brian Kiprono CS282-0246/2006 A:8 B:6 C:4 D:4 E:11 Total: 33
24 Emase John CS282-1049/2006 A:6 B:9 C:4 D:4 E:7 Total:30
25 Kabachia Mwangi CS282-0688/2006 A:8 B:6 C:5 D:3 E:9 Total:31
26 Charles Njihia CS282-0261/2006 A:7 B:9 C:4 D:4 E:9 Total:33
27 Patrick Wainaina G. CS282-1163/2006 A:7 B:8 C:5 D:5 E:9 Total:34
28 Njuguna Daniel M CS282-0216/2007 A:7 B:9 C:4 D:4 E:7 Total:31
29 Duncan Muhoro CS282-1077/2007 A:8 B:5 C:5 D:4 E:7 Total: 29


30 Legilisho Daniel S. EN273-0364/07 A:8 B:7 C:4 D:5 E:9 Total: 34
31 Okal Otieno EN272-0353/07 A:9 B:10 C:5 D:5 E:12 Total:41
32 Elijah Karari EN272-0796/05 A:6 B:7 C:5 D:5 E:9 Total 32
33 Thirakwa Wachira EN273-0374/2007 A:8 B:9 C:4 D:5 E:9 Total 35
34 Jackline Mukiri Mwirigi EN272-1506/2007 A:7 B:9 C:5 D:4 E:8 Total:33

Bsc. Stage3 Semester2

35 Faith Mutave BIT-001-1293/2008 A:6 B:8 C:5 D:4 E:9  Total 32
37 Wendoh Otieno Willys BIT-001-1326/2008 A:7 B:8 C:5 D:3 E:7 Total:30
38 Jepchumba Celestine BIT-001-4668/2009 A:8 B:6 C:4 D:4 E:9 Total:31
39 Kariuki Christine Muthoni BIT-001-4669/2009 A:6 B:7 C:5 D:5 E:5 Total:28
40 Lincoln Muriithi BIT-001-4676/2009 A:8 B:8 C:4 D:4 E:8 Total 33

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