Posted by: Administrator | November 2, 2010

Agriculture and ICT: Is there a relationship?

Dr. J. Wesonga's presentation: ICT and agriculture

Dr. J. Wesonga's presentation: ICT and agriculture

The MC for the evening was Kirui Kennedy. The meeting started off with a word of prayer. For this session we had Dr. J. Wesonga the Director Directorate of Performance Contracting and Appraisal and a lecture at the department of Horticulture as our main guest. Many students in the field of computing have never seen agriculture as a field with opportunities for them. Dr. Wesonga came to dispel this myth. Considering agriculture is the backbone of Kenya’s economy more focus should be put into improving it

For those who had about the” Apps 4 Africa” competition the winner was a developer from Kenya who did an application known as iCow. iCow is an app intended to help hundreds of thousands of E. African farmers and ranchers earn a living. It is a voice based mobile application that helps farmers track the oestrus stages of their cows that enables them to better manage the breeding periods as well as monitor cow nutrition leading up to the calving day. The first place winners received $5,000 and an Apple IPad.

Please download Dr. Wesonga’s presentation here to learn about the opportunities in agriculture for developers.

Before concluding his presentation Dr. Wesonga thanked the students for giving him their time and asking questions. He further encouraged them to continue participating in societies and other extra-curriculum activities as they are known to mould one to be a better person.


  1. Hey, nice article, thanks.

    • Thanks, we hope to keep on with that spirit

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