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SCOSIT End of Year Report

Marianne Berkovich

Marianne Berkovich, a user experience researcher at Google headquartes Mountain View California addresses SCOSIT members

At the beginning of the semester starting September 2010 if you happened to ask anybody what SCOSIT is you were guaranteed a blank stare. That is no longer the case. As the semester comes to an end SCOSIT is celebrating one of the most successful semesters ever.

We now reflect on what we have been able to achieve, the challenges we met and what we were not able to do due to unavoidable circumstances


1. The SCOSIT Blog

The blog has proven to be one of our proudest achievements. It has been;

  • Invaluable source of information
  • A great platform for discussion
  • Create awareness about SCOSIT and what SCOSIT does.
  • Used it to create a poll – 84 people voted
  • People from outside have learned about us, we now hope to establish collaborations with these people.

2. Talks and presentations by visitors and key players in the industry

When we took over as SCOSIT leaders we had promised our members that we would source for talks by key industry players. We kept our word as we had the following visitors giving talks;

  • Marianne Berkovich, a user experience researcher at Google office Mountain View California – User experience
  • Dr. Pat Frain, director NOVAUCD an innovation academy in Ireland – Innovation
  • Andrew Kinai, founder Keen Media Lab  – HTML 5
  • Isaac Oteyo, seasoned developer and motivational speaker  – Programming cheat sheets
  • Dr. J. Wesonga, Director at the Directorate of Performance Contracting and Appraisal JKUAT – Opportunities in agriculture for CS/CT/IT students
  • Dr. J. Wafula, Director at the ICT Directorate JKUAT – Intellectual property (IP) policy

3. Presentations by our members

SCOSIT is all about our members. They have been very supportive and were able to do the following presentations;

  • Isaac Eregae – Internet exchange point
  • Calvin Kebati – Mobile Monday recap
  • Dennis & Akhmar – 3D virtualization
  • Alice Muturi – Daemon mail server
  • Willy Wendoh – Kohana
  • Kenneth Kimani – CollegeFeed
  • Kirui K. Kennedy – WordPress

4. Capacity building through trainings in collaboration with JKUAT Endeavor.

Some of our members were able to conduct training sessions on how to develop mobile applications in Java and how to design professional websites. This was done in collaboration with the JKUAT Endeavor program that provided the curriculum and support that made it a success. A competition was held amongst the members who attended these sessions and the winners were;

Web category – by Jotham Matu and Charles Muriithi

Mobile apps

a.       Multimedia World by Njui Josphat, Ong’ele Lazaro, Maurice Kibuchi and Caroline Mutua

b.      E-Share by Emase John

5.       In collaboration with JLUG took the Deputy Vice Chancellor Research Production and Extension JKUAT Prof. Esther Kahangi to Mobile Monday. She was the first person from any university in senior management to grace such an event. From her visit we hope to have more collaborations with the key industry players.


The journey has not been smooth as we thought. There have been several challenges along the way. A few of them are;

  • SCOSIT just recovered from a long slumber so it is in the process of reviving.
  • The society needs to carry out its activities in large scale but has been constrained financially.
  • Juggling between our class work and the society’s activities.

What we were not able to do

Nobody can claim to be perfect in what they do and the same applies to us. We therefore apologize for not going through with the following;

  • SCOSIT web site
  • Logo competition – this was dependent on the web site
  • Membership bands

The challenge now falls on the incoming chair to push these through.

Many Thanks To

We did not do the above by ourselves. So many people were willing to help us and we just going to mention a few;

  • Dr. Wafula our patron for being supportive of our efforts
  • Dr. Wesonga for helping us with a projector, it made a big difference.
  • All our visiting presenters for finding time in their busy schedules to visit our members.
  • All our members who made presentations at our meetings
  • JKUAT Endeavor team – Isaac and Andrew for constantly helping us when we were stuck
  • The SCOSIT committee for being collaborative and always resourceful
  • Omondi Ochieng for the SMS system
  • Amos Wachanga for the good ideas
  • Abel Masai, Willy Wendoh, Patrick Maina, Kiemo, Alice, Mumbua and all the others who helped us out
  • Last but not least; the SCOSIT members, without you we would not be having any society.

To Conclude

  • With the time we have had we have done considerably well as shown by the poll
  • However there is room for improvement
  • SCOSIT can be bigger than it is now, this coming year the challenge is to advance from where we are to the next level.


  1. Quite impressive! Keep up the good work guys.

  2. That was a tyt calender & u still pull it out successsfully…..good job guys

  3. You are doing us proud!! Kudos

    • Thanks,we strive to do our best.

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