Posted by: Administrator | February 16, 2011

Second Meeting 2011

It might be a bit of a “tricky” new year seeing as a big chunk of  school is on long break but that did not stop our second meeting held yesterday, 15 February, in which a sizeable crowd characterized the meet up as we started at around our traditional 7.30pm(uum…7.30ish).

Two prominent presentations featured with the first one coming from Liz who had earlier in the weekend attended the Google Ladies Map Maker event. Hers was an informative, clear and engaging performance in which she took us through the basics of just how we go about mapping an area using a case study of JKUAT’s extensively mapped out regions e.g. the main drive in, the library, hall 7, etc. Below find links to:

  • Google Map Maker here, and
  • The past Ladies Event here

The second presentation was a joint event between Ken, the chair and Collins, “new recruit” who introduced us to SIFE, a non profit organisation that has a global presence in institutions of learning,  other organisations, etc and one that encourages team work in order to solve problems that affect a particular environment. The emphasis is on making a difference either through business or technology. The full bio of  the organisation can be found here and a list of participating universities here.

Finally, Ken urged us all to put more effort into showing up for the meetings on time and encouraged us to go out there and “spread the word” as it were on SCOSIT. A very brief prayer later and the meeting was successfully completed.

Let’s do it again next Tuesday at 7.30pm sharp!

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