Posted by: Administrator | March 5, 2011

USA Imagine Cup 2011

Such was the turn out at the recent iHub meet tagged Mobile Monday by our very own JKUAT students that one of the featured presenters agreed to a second presentation right here at school. The talk was about the upcoming Imagine Cup 2011 event by Microsoft as presented by Mr Vincent Mugambi who described himself as the “evangelist” for all platforms Microsoft.
The competition is centered around five main themes: Software Design, Embedded Development, Game Design, Digital Media and Windows Phone 7 with participants being encouraged to solve at least one of the Millenium Development Goals with whatever application they design.
Needless to say, the event is a pretty big deal with past winners not only having helped solve one or more of these problems but also getting the attention of their respective governments, NGOs , and other parties that in turn help them further solve the problems their nations face. A brief look at past events and winners can be found here
Register register and make your voice heard while helping someone out through any application that you imagine!

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