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SCOSIT Meetup 31st May – How it went down

A section of the crowd at the SCOSIT meeting

A section of the crowd at the SCOSIT meeting

The meeting kicked off with a word of prayer from Liz Mukuhi the club secretary. The MC for the day was the current chair Kirui Kennedy. He started off by apologizing to the members on the delay in holding the first semester meeting and then welcomed them to the new session. Special mention went to the first years that made it to the meeting. They were encouraged to keep up with that spirit.

Next on the agenda was a call to the present members to renew their membership by paying the normal semester fee of fifty shillings. New members were also encouraged to register to be part of the society by paying the requisite fee of a hundred shillings. This money is necessary in order for the society to run its activities smoothly.

A screen shot of the JKUAT Tech Expo web site

A screen shot of the JKUAT Tech Expo web site

The JKUAT Tech Expo will be held later this year in October. Thanks to JLUG last year’s was a huge success and this time it should be bigger. In line with that some SCOSIT members helped out in creating a site for the event. The members are

  • Lazaro Otieno
  • Njui Josphat
  • Abel Masai
  • Kirui Kennedy

Special thanks go to them for putting their time into it. Register your project ideas on the site by following this link.

The main agenda for the first semester meeting was to come up with a plan for the semester. Kirui had the following in mind

  • Finish up on the SCOSIT website
  • Do more to ensure the JKUAT Tech Expo is a success
  • Have the arm bands for the registered members done
  • Have more guests in the tech field addressing our members
  • Have more presentations from the members themselves as the society is about the members – the members were requested to inform any committee member if they wanted to do a presentation or send an email to scosit.icsit[@]
  • Retain the way we conduct our meetings – two main presentations under a particular theme and still have the enlightening session

The floor was then opened to the members to contribute to the semester plan. Most of the members were for the idea that all the meetings be conducted as we had before. The themes will still remain but we will also have some sort of flexibility. Isaac Eregae then raised a few questions to the committee

  • What is the total number of SCOSIT members in the school?
  • What have we achieved so far?
  • What plan do we have for the society?

The total number of SCOSIT members in the school as told by the club secretary is around a hundred and fifty members. This number will be confirmed as soon as the current members renew their membership and new members register. At the end of the last semester we did a report a entailing what we had achieved, you can view the report here. As to the question regarding what plan we have for the society that can be explained by the semester plan which everybody should contribute.

To summarize, the suggestions by members included

  • Liaise with formal bodies like the Computer Society of Kenya and have our members register there
  • Organize a trip as a group to the *iHub for the members
  • Members should help improve the girl to boy ratio by tagging along lady friends to the next meeting

With that the meeting came to an end with a word of prayer from Kirui. Please let us know if you have any ideas for the semester by commenting on this post. All your contributions will be factored in. To all the members and visitors who made it to the meeting we are grateful and to those who were not able to let us meet next week on Tuesday at the same venue from 7.30 to 8.30 pm


  1. Great job guyz. Keep é fire burning.

    • we will,more exciting stuff is coming

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