Posted by: Administrator | June 6, 2011

Apply to be a Google Student Ambassador

Invitation to Students of Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture & Technology
Google Ambassador Program
Are you thrilled by new technology? Do you love Google products? Do you want
to bring new opportunities to your school and peers? Do your friends say
you’re a natural leader? If so, the Google Student Ambassador program may be
perfect for you!

Through the Student Ambassador Program, you become a liaison between Google
and your university. Ambassadors plan and host several events during the
school year, introduce students to new Google products and features and act
as a campus contact for Google teams.

*Google Student Ambassadors may:*

– Work closely with local Google teams
– Host and organize events to bring awareness to Google’s products and
– Spread the word about competitions, training opportunities,
scholarships and other events
– Attend Google events as a Google representative
– Help Google to better understand your campus’ culture
– Build relationships on campus with faculty and student groups
– Test products and features
– Promote product use and new product launches to students
– Be a source of knowledge for your university about Google products

*What are the qualifications?*
This opportunity is currently by invitation only and open to students from
JKUAT at level 2 or above and postgraduate students. Google Student
Ambassadors must be:

– Currently enrolled in the university and available for one academic
– Pursuing a degree or postgraduate program
– Passionate about technology
– Able to plan events and manage a budget
– Actively involved in student life on campus

*What is the time commitment?*

– One academic school year
– Approx. five hours per month
– Four or more events per year

As a Google Student Ambassador, you will:

– Receive regular updates about exciting new Google products / features,
programs and announcements
– Enhance your professional development, leadership, technical and
communication skills
– Be eligible to participate in special Google events, product trainings
and be considered for local internships
– Exchange best practices with Ambassadors from other schools and
– Add the Google Student Ambassador Program experience to your resume
– Get your own Google SWAG

*Sounds great, how do I apply?*
To apply, you should:

1. Be at least a level 2 or postgraduate student.

2. Write an Essay on a Google Product or a Web Technology (e.g. Mobile
applications, local content & localization, cloud computing) and how this
product or technology can become an integral part of our lives in Africa.

3. Write a Motivation Essay on why you want to be an Ambassador, what you
can change in your Country through learning new technical skills and how
using Google tools could help your university.

4. Provide a short statement from your Head of Department or Personal Tutor
confirming your level and area of study.

5. Submit your application online at by Friday, 1st
July 2011. Accepted students will be informed by late July 2011.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Google Ambassador Program
© 2011 Google Inc. All Rights Reserved. Google and the Google logo are
registered trademarks of Google Inc.



  1. The link to post the application does not seem to work. How do I go about the submission. Also how come the deadline for other universities(Strathmore) is August and ours is July or has it been extended.

  2. Sorry about that, we just updated it to the correct link. Regarding the submission deadline we don’t know the reason as to why it was on that date but just apply because you never know

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