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28TH June Meet Up

A section of the crowd at the meeting

A section of the crowd at the meeting

The meeting even though it started late was a success. The audience participated actively by giving constructive criticism. It was started off with a word of prayer from Kiemo.

Kivuva takes the members through the history of CSS

Kivuva takes the members through the history of CSS

Design for programmers – Mike Kivuva

Mike Kivuva a regular attendee at the meeting took the audience through his presentation entitled “Design for Programmers”. He noted there is a big difference between what programmers and designers do and this has an effect on the end product. He urged programmers to also learn some design so that they can work better with designers to realize better products. He talked extensively about how CSS has been used to improve the improve the look and feel of sites. He was also able to show us some interesting designs which you can check out by following the links provided below

John takes to the stage

John takes to the stage


Next on stage was  John who had a project  ‘Class Rep’. This is  a system that could be used by the Class Reps in JKUAT to communicate with the students on e.g whether class   schedules have changed.

The technologies used for the application are: Safaricom email to chat(kipokezi), Php 4 scripting, Mysql database, j2me sending interface

The main Objectives of the Project are:

  •  To reduce the cost that could have been spent while sending the same message to all the students.
  • To send a common message to all the students e.g of a particular class.
  •  To register the students within the application so as to enable them to receive the message and store their records on the database.
  •   To make an application that will achieve a higher degree of usability  i.e that is support user friendliness of the user interface

How it Works

First activate kipokezi by sending an SMS from your Safaricom phone with the word WEBREG followed by your NAME to 223

Example: webreg John (send to 223)

He has also created a Hostel Booking System which you can check it out at

Nyambura Muhia the CEO of M-ARV takes the audience through M-ARV

Nyambura Muhia the CEO of M-ARV takes the audience through M-ARV

M-ARV – Nyambura Muhia

M-ARV is a Pivot25 finalist in the M-Health category. It is a simple application that enables people who are living with HIV/AIDS to connect with others, receive important alerts and remainders and motivational texts. A person is also able to get personalised care by calling a certain number provided by M-ARV. They have implemented this using VoiceXML.  Nyambura also highlighted the lessons she learned from doing a pitch at such a big conference.

J.V a fourth year computing student gets a point across

J.V (in a black sweater) a fourth year computing student gets a point across

The Enlightening Session

This was the most interesting session so far this semester. The ICSIT representative Gordon was given a chance to address the members and brief them on what he has been able to achieve so far. From the members response it was clear that there were many issues that needed to be addressed.

Edward Ochieng suggested there be a SCOSIT dinner and requested plans be made to ensure it was a huge success.

Kirui Kennedy requested for volunteers in doing the blog posts and poster designs. This in the long run will ensure continuity in the society and ensure that it never dies again.

The members were invited to a hackathon this Saturday. The details about this will be conveyed during the course of the week.

Last but not least the members were requested to sign up for SCOSIT sms alerts so that they could receive information via sms. You sign up by sending a sms with the following format


to 0713 707 753

With that the meeting was closed with a word of prayer from Caroline Bosire. Thanks to everybody who made it to the meeting.

Post by Elly Kibet and Kirui Kennedy

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