Posted by: Administrator | July 14, 2011

July 12 Meet Recap

On the agenda for this week was the Pamoja Media team comprising Comark Maloba, the  chief technical officer and lead developer for the Ukulima Challenge, Evans Gikunda, a software engineer and Christian.

Christian on the first presentation about Startups

Christian was first on the floor with a presentation on start ups, illuminating some of the business sense that goes into management of projects and how best to make the best out an idea when one wants to sell their product to the right audience.
The next presentation saw Comark and Christian dabble together in the Ukulima Challenge. The key message they sent out to the developer here was to think outside the box and provide real solutions that solve real problems. They also stressed the need to make the applications as simple and easy to use as possible with Comark sharing a favourite line of his, “make the app idiot proof”. Still on the topic, he announced that the Sokoni app from K.U. would be getting support from the Pamoja team.

Comark making the Ukulima Challenge presentation

A couple links worth checking out are  and which  is for those wishing to contribute towards their API.
Pamoja Media provide real world marketing solutions to your products mostly on the digital platform. Among the top reasons why one would choose them include:

  •  the large network they have established in terms of clients and  investors in the corporate world as well as other entrepreneurs
  •  the sound business base from which they provide tailor-made solutions  custom-made to suit your application and get it to the target audience

The next presentation involved the JAVA GROUPS and was presented by the ICSIT REP who announced the program’s timetable as well as inviting one and all to join. The complete schedule looks thus:
stage 1: java basics, GUI, Applets
stage 2: 2D Graphics, JDBC, JNDI(Java Naming Directory), RMI, Networking, Sockets
stage 3: J2ME
stage 4: JSP(Java Server Pages), Servlets, Java Mail, Java API-xml, SOAP
The classes are to be held twice a week, on MONDAY between 7.30-8.30pm and TUESDAY between 8.30-9.30pm. For more information on venues and registration, please contact EDWARD on 0713 707 753.


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