Posted by: Administrator | September 24, 2011

Election Posts, Duties and Responsibilities

We are glad to announce this year’s SCOSIT elections that are scheduled to take place in a week’s time. SCOSIT is steered by a committee of elected officials
constituted as follows:

  1. Chairperson
  2. Deputy Chairperson
  3. Treasurer
  4. Secretary
  5. Information and Communications Secretary
  6. Librarian.

Thre will also be special representatives one from each of these disciplines:

  • B.Sc. Computer Science
  • B.Sc. Computer Technology
  • B.Sc. Information Technology
  • B.Sc. Mathematics and Computer Science.

The other special representative will be  from the Associate Members (An alumni of JKUAT who has been a member of SCOSIT and/or has graduated in the disciplines defined may be recognized as an Associate Member upon payment of a fee as shall be decided upon by SCOSIT).
Duties and Responsibilities
The Executive Officials will be charged with the following

  1. Plan and oversee SCOSIT activities
  2. Make decisions for the day to day running of the society
  3. Constitute committees to carry out special tasks when the need arises.
  4.  Chair any committees formed to deal with any tasks falling under their dockets.
  5. Assign any duty/ies to any SCOSIT members, as it deems it to accomplish SCOSIT objectives.
  6. Outline a program of activities for each academic semester.
  7. Appoint the Patron of SCOSIT

The Chairperson shall:

  1. Be the head of SCOSIT
  2. Call society meetings and co-ordinate society activities
  3. Chair all meetings except meetings of the special
  4. committees unless one is the chairperson of the committee.
  5. Act as the spokesperson of SCOSIT
  6. Assign duties to other Executive Officials and any other member of SCOSIT as shall be found necessary from time to time
  7. Be a signatory to all withdrawals from SCOSIT finance account

Deputy Chairperson
The deputy chairperson shall:

  1. Assist the Chairperson in performing his/her duties.
  2. Act as the Chairperson in the absence of the chairperson
  3. Oversee all committees established to carry out special tasks.
  4. Organize and co-ordinate SCOSIT trips, workshops, seminars and other academic issues.

The Treasurer shall:

  1. Be in charge of safekeeping the SCOSIT’s financial resources.
  2. Keep financial records and accounts
  3. Release financial statements at the end of each JKUAT academic semester.
  4. Avail the financial status of SCOSIT when required to and at the discretion of SCOSIT
  5. Oversee any income generating activities on behalf of SCOSIT.
  6. Be a signatory to all withdrawals from SCOSIT finance account.

The Secretary Shall:

  1. Keep the minutes of the Society meetings
  2. Circulate relevant information to the Society members through notices  and announcements.
  3. Maintain a current list of SCOSIT members
  4. File all documents
  5. Be a signatory to all withdrawals from SCOSIT finance account.

Information and Communications Secretary
The Information and Communication Secretary shall:

  1. Initiate and maintain links with external entities as deemed appropriate for SCOSIT
  2. Inform SCOSIT off any development emanating from links with external entities.
  3. Oversee the publication of the SCOSIT journal.

The Librarian shall:

  1. Be the custodian of all SCOSIT library resources.
  2. Avail library resources to SCOSIT members.

Special Representatives
The Special Representatives shall:

  1. Present issues relevant to the constituent groups they represent.
  2. Oversee tasks assigned to the constituent groups they represent.
  3. Chair meetings held by the constituent groups they represent on tasks that contribute to the furtherance of SCOSIT objectives.
  4. Report to the Executive Committee on the issues as may arise.

  Election of Officials
The elections shall be by secret ballot and a  person is be eligible for election in the positions as defined above if he/she:

  •   Is a registered member of SCOSIT.
  •   Is not in his/her final year of study.Each discipline shall elect one representative to fill the position of Special Representative.
  • Associate Members shall elect a person to fill the position of Special Representative.
  • The officials shall be elected for a one JKUAT academic year term.

Electoral commission
It will formed at least two weeks prior to the election date and it constitute of four members each drawn from the finalist class of each of the constituent defined disciplines.  If any discipline does not have a finalist representation, a provision is made to spread the electoral commission posts equitably
among the other disciplines.
Those who aspire to constitute the electoral commission shall be required to submit their applications to the patron of SCOSIT by the date decided upon by SCOSIT. Once constituted, the electoral commission shall come up
with a program to steer the electoral process and shall communicate it to the entire electorate.

Those who wish to contest for various positions of the Executive Committee shall hand in their applications to the electoral commission as scheduled by the electoral commission.

The electoral commission shall communicate the rules, regulations and schedule of the election to all aspirant. It shall also inform the electorate of the final list of aspirants for the various executive posts at least one week before the
election date. The patron shall oversee all elections.
Prepared by Ktonneh

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