Posted by: Administrator | September 29, 2011

Web Data Extraction

A Section of the members present

The meeting was well attended and the members were very punctual perhaps they were eager to know who the next leaders of the society would be.

Kirui K. Kennedy then welcomed the members. He then welcomed the speaker of the day Mr. Edward Omondi Ochieng’ who gave a talk on Web Data Mining.

Web data mining :  Is a technique to crawl through various web resources to collect required information. Contemporary data mining uses large sets of relational databases.
Steps in Data Mining
1.Data extraction – selecting the data you need
2.Data cleaning – checking domain consistency; correcting or removing when necessary
3.Data enrichment – Companies exchange data at  a small fee. But involves can legal issues.
4.Data coding  – Further cleaning. Data that is coherently absent can be deleted.
5.Data mining – selection of a learning algorithm to identify patterns necessary for decision making.
6.Reporting – analysis and application of the results of the pattern recognition algorithm
– Most of the information on the Web today is in the form of HTML documents  and is ill-formed for data extraction
– XML has become absolutely essential for enabling data interchange between otherwise incompatible systems.
– Therefore reasonable (and profitable) to understand ways of translating existing HTML content to XML
Technologies Required
  • XML Technologies
  • Standard XML
  • XSL
  • Java  – jtidy.jar lib  is needed to convert HTML to a XHTML.









Election Aspirants

The election aspirants identified themselves and the elections scheduled to take place on 4th October 2011. The various commitees were also formed which include:

  • Elections committee
  • Dinner committee
  • Hackathon committee

The members were also encouraged to renew their membership and also register for the JKUATTECH EXPO, with this link

Prepared by ktonneh.

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