Posted by: Administrator | October 14, 2011

AITEC East Africa Summit

Kenya, and increasingly the rest of East Africa, now has the ICT infrastructure and services in place to be a world-class provider of IT-enabled services. The AITEC East Africa ICT Summit 2011 provides the platform to achieve this vision through a multi-faceted event that will draw together the many strands of a vibrant growth market, underpinning high-level business-to-business services with widespread consumer engagement in modern mobile applications and electronics. This is both a business and a consumer event – to fast-track East Africa’s emergence as a world-class information-based economic region.

Conference Streams at AITEC East Africa ICT Summit 2011


Data Security World: Developing strategies to manage existing threats to corporate data integrity – and the increasing new risk implications of cloud services, social networking and consumer devices in the workplace.

Cloud Computing World: Moving from the edge to the core: sharing best international and regional practice in leveraging on the power of the cloud. Cloud Computing is the next level of ICT Business opportunity in discovery of how to implement low cost low power and highly efficient systems to deliver scalable infrastructure. The Cloud will enable a range of products and solutions to be used to increase capacity and expand computer capabilities without heavy investment in infrastructure.

Mobile Apps World: Showcasing East Africa’s Leading-edge innovations in the mobile space.


Who should exhibit

The expo is a showcase for Information and Communication Technology products and services and therefore invites all companies involved in this sector. These will include Telecommunication Service Providers, Mobile Phone Operators, Computer Hardware Resellers, Computer Accessories Suppliers, Software Developers, Web Solutions Developers, Systems Integrators, ICT Consultants, Training, Internet Service Providers, Data Operators, Communication Equipment Resellers and ICT Projects and Programmes.



The exhibition will run in tandem with a conference on the latest developments in the ICT sector. Areas that will be discussed include: Policy, legal and regulatory issues, applications and new technologies. Some of the areas to be covered will include mBanking, eCommerce, mGovernment, eHeath, eProcurement, eSecurity, Policy and Strategies on Telecommunication Infrastructure Development, Datawarehousing, Security and Rural Connectivity.

Venue: Oshwal Centre, Nairobi
Starts: 08:00 Hrs | Wednesday, 02 November, 2011
Ends: 18:00 Hrs | Thursday, 03 November, 2011

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