Posted by: Administrator | October 25, 2011

SCOSIT Hackathon – Focus on the APIs

This post gives some more details about the APIs that are going to be used at the hackathon and what you can achieve with them. If there are sample codes the URLs will be provided

The PesaPal API – PesaPal

PesapalThe PesaPal API allows one to receive payments online using the following options

  • M-Pesa
  • Airtel Money
  • Visa
  • PesaPal e-wallet

You can think of PesaPal as the local version of PayPal tailored for the Kenyan market. Using this API you can develop web-based applications to sell stuff online or receive donations.

The API can be downloaded here. At the moment they have how-to documents for the following languages

  • PHP
  • ASP.Net

However since it is an API it can work with any language with minimal modification.

Socrata API – Kenya openData

oped dataThe Kenyan government recently released a large set of government data to the general population. For the developers an API was provided. With this API one can develop varied applications using the data availed. This data includes

  • Project topics – education,energy,health,population,poverty,water and sanitation
  • Public expenditures – public expenditures and CDF expenditures
  • Development indicators

You can filter all the above based on a particular county. To access this API and code samples visit the Kenya openData site and follow the developers link. – Pamoja Media is an open source farmer centered social platform. The platform connects farmers together. Developers can then do third party applications targeting these farmers. The API is made available for free under the GNU General Public License (GNU). To register and acquire a developer key follow this and click on the developer link.

Beep – Cellulant


Beep allows a person to make online payments directly  from ones bank account to another bank account. This API will allow you to receive payments online. More will follow about the Beep API.

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