Posted by: Administrator | October 25, 2011


The SCOSIT hackathon committee has constituted the following rules for the upcoming SCOSIT hackathon


  1. Teams will comprise a maximum of three members. There is no minimum
  2. After extensive consultation with the parties involved it has been decided that teams will be given tasks to work on and hence you don’t need to come with your own idea. We will have jars representing the different APIs we will be using and then teams will pick from a jar of their choice. This will help to foster competition as everybody will have to work on an idea from scratch
  3. In the case that the winning team comprises of less than three members the extra price will pass on to the immediate team below it. We are trying to foster team work and so we are really hoping people will work in groups of three
  4. The judges will be drawn from the sponsors, JKUAT Endeavor crew and an ICSIT representative. The judges decision is final


We will have the following core APIs to work with

  • PesaPal API by PesaPal
  • openData API (Socrata API)
  • Beep by Cellulant
  • by Pamoja Media
  • Building SIM applications (Not an API)

In addition to the above we will have supplementary APIs which we don’t require the participants to use but they can. This will help differentiate your product from the others.

  • Maps API – Google Maps, Open Street Maps
  • Facebook API
  • Twitter API
  • Any other API of your choice

Some members have expressed concern that they don’t know how to use APIs, this should not be a worry as we will do a demo for each API before coding commences and we will also have people to help in case one is stuck. Furthermore the tasks will be simple as the hackathon intends to serve as a gentle introduction to using APIs.

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