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You have probably heard of the ongoing competition for the selection of a Samsung Ambassador for JKUAT. If you haven’t please check your school email address.

For those not in the know, the competition is done online on the two most famous social sites(Facebook and twitter). The rules are as simple as A,B,C

  1. Follow the twitter handle @samsungITEA or Like the Facebook page  Samsung IT East Africa
  2. Ask as many friends (from JKUAT) to do the same.
  3. Lastly ask your friends to suggest you on the two sites by writing your name on the facebook page and attaching to the handle

That’s all that is required. The student with the most referrals will ultimately clinch the position.

The competition is highly competitive and as such we decided to endorse one of the members who asked for our support

On behalf of MOMANYI SAMUEL Please give him your support by doing the following

1. Like the Samsung IT East Africa Page

2. Post on the Samsung IT East Africa wall this phrase: Momanyi Samuel Samsung IT EA
3. Tell your friends to do the same if you can.

You can post only ONCE on the wall. It must be in the format I’ve typed “Momanyi Samuel Samsung IT EA”

Please note the spellings. Lets support him fully.

The competition ends on the 31st of March 2013, so make a point of to pass the message.

May the best man/lady win!

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*This is the last part of a series of posts I am doing about some six lessons I wish I had known better in school

My dad has had the biggest influence in my life; he is my hero. He is the one person who has always told me like it is. He is not the strict kind of dad though, my mum was the one who disciplined us. I am still afraid of my mum, I always feel if I do something wrong she might just give me a serious whooping. My dad has never been employed in his entire life. He is the classic hustler, you will find him doing this today and when we do the Kenyan thing of copying everything he jumps to the next venture. If you don’t believe me just open a shop or something and within no time someone will open a shop with the…

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*This is the fifth part of a series of posts I am doing about some six lessons I wish I had known better in school

Sometime back last year during the launch of I had the chance of representing MChanjo at a showcase at the KICC. I got the chance to meet the president in person! The invite was courtesy of the ICT Board. This was just after the inaugural Pivot 25 competition.

Now you have the skills, you have slowly been improving day by day but nobody wants to hire you. At this point you might start wondering whats the point and even some people think of giving up. Let me use two analogies to put this point across.

In a football match a striker is a very important person (Unless you are a traitor like Van Persie then this point simply doesn’t apply). Need I say that no team…

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*This is second part of the fourth lesson in a series of six posts I am doing on the six lessons I wish I had known better in school

Butterflies, such beautiful creatures. Whoever came up with the phrase butterflies in my stomach did the butterflies a great disservice. I would assume that was a good feeling but instead it is the opposite. Everything is a process, a butterfly develops in four stages

  1. The first stage: the egg
  2. The second stage: the larva(caterpillar)
  3. The third stage: Pupa (Chrysalis)
  4. The fourth stage: Adult butterfly

For this post I am interested in the third step, the pupa.  As soon as a caterpillar is done growing and they have reached their full length/weight, they form themselves into a pupa, also known as a chrysalis.  From the outside of the pupa, it looks as if the caterpillar may just be resting, but the inside is…

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